FAQ - MyFanTeam


Q. What is MyFanTeam Fantasy?

MyFanTeam is a fantasy cricket website that's offers to play with just 5 players either in batting or bowling or both also. MyFanTeam is a fantasy Cricket Sports game which is a game of skills.

Q. How can i join MyFanTeam?

It's very simple and easy to join in MyFanTeam Fantasy. Users Login/Join using mobile number. User must verify their phone number using OTP(one time password) for security purposes. Note : Kindly Do Not Share Your MyFanTeam OTP with Anyone.

Q. How many players do I have to select to create a time?

You can create a team of maximum five players that's your choice. In our MyFanTeam Platform users create a team just within 30 seconds, it's realy fast because you can select only just 5 players to play. Check Point System for more information.

Q. What is the maximum number of teams I can make in the MyFanTeam?

User can play and join with Unlimited Teams in MyFanTeam.

Q. What is the deadline to play in a given match in MyFanTeam?

Deadline is official start time of the particular given match. You can edit your team after toss also.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum league amount in MyFanTeam?

In MyFanTeam, Paid leagues starts from Rs.29 to Rs.2500. It's 2 members, 3 members, 4 members, 5 members leagues available.

Q. Is the grand league available in MyFanTeam?

No, Grand League not available. It's available after March 2020.

Q. What happens if there are not enough users in my joined paid league?

Refund will be process in this case. Full amount of refund will be done within maximum 4-6 hours

Q. What's happen if my joined match cancelled/abandoned without any toss/No Result by any reason?

Users will get their money returned to their MyFanTeam Wallet within 4 hours.

Q. What if a match completed using DLS method?"?

Winners will be declared in this condition if match completed using DLS method.

Q. What happens if all the users contains same rank(#1) in MyFanTeam?

Money is refunded to the users if same rank in 2 members(H2H) league only.

For Any Query/Question Related to Winning/Refund Declare, kindly WhatsApp us on 8287161281

Q. Can a user change or edit his/her chosen players?

Yes, before match start user can edit his team easily

Q. What if the selected players are injured or could not participate in the match?

If your selected player injured/not played in a particular joined match. Points for that's players not be counted.

Q. How do I withdraw my winning amount?

You can withdraw your winning amount in PayTm Wallet instantly or Bank Account also. Transfer takes maximum 10-12 hours.

Q. How Much Charge Applicable on winning amount trasfer to PayTm Wallet/Bank Account?

At 0% charge, we don't charge any user on transfer his/her winning balance to Paytm/Bank Account.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal limit in MyFanTeam fantasy?

Withdraw, Minimum limit Rs.10 and Maximum limit Rs.9999

Q. What is the minimum and maximum add limit in MyFanTeam fantasy?

Add Money, Minimum limit Rs.10 and Maximum limit Rs.9999

Q. Is this legal?

Yes, It is 100% legal to play Fantasy cricket in India. These states Assam, Telangana, Orrisa and Gujarat not allowed to play fantasy cricket. Others states users play fantasy cricket using his/her skills.

Q. How will I be informed if I win a Cash prize?

MyFanTeam updates the final ranks and points immediately at the end of every match. In an event a user wins a cash prize post participating in a contest(s), the winnings amount will be credited automatically to the MyFanTeam account wallet of the user.

Q. When will the winnings be distributed?

MyFanTeam credits the winning amount in users winning wallet after the match complete. It takes maximum 30 minutes.

Q. How Much I Earn through refer friends?

No Limit, You can refer and earn unlimited, Refer Money is used 50% of league amount in any paid league. For More information about refer and earn check Refer and Earn Option.

Q. Any Other Question Related to Transaction/Play/Refer/Add-money/Transfer-money just call or email us?

Go to Contact Us section and call us for any help related to MyFanTeam fantasy.